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Originally Posted by tatonka View Post
Yup...some states are like that but in others non-resident tags are limited and people have to enter a drawing for them. From what I've read in Iowa it takes a few years to just draw an archery tag. It's very tough to draw a rifle tag in North Dakota. If some of these states didn't limit the number of non-resident licenses they would be overrun with hunters. Iowa has the reputation for monster whitetails, so if they didn't limit the number of licenses they sold the number of hunters would skyrocket and the quality of the hunting would go down the tubes. Same for places like Montana.
MI and WI has strong tradition of hunting like I said, It is cultural thing. Not letting people who moved away, come back for deer season, would not go well. Plus there is a lot of money to be made.

We have a lot of people who move between states, own land in both. My camp is not in the state I live in. I get screwed on cost, but I can still buy.

Bear tags are tougher for non resident. only 21 in my zone to non residents, took me 4 years to get 2nd period. But bear hunting isn't the same as deer hunting around here, Not as many people do it.

Different cultures, Yes we get over ran with residents and non residents during deer season. Luckily lots of land where I am at.
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