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Alsatian I have heard the same things. Austin is a pretty liberal city! Sadly, Austin could fit in well with any of the Left Coast states or the Northeast!
This is all more of the "PC NONSENSE," which is becoming more nauseous by the day! Tearing down statues, changing school, street and other names, is just another way of re-writing history! I believe it is a small minority of the leftist leadership that is constantly stirring the pot of HATE!
#1. Up until a couple of years ago, NONE of these symbols bothered ANYONE!
#2. Ignoring history, WILL NOT "CHANGE" history!
#3. Ignoring history, usually forces you to RE-LIVE history!
#4. (This is just my personal view.) Up until a certain clown, who's ONLY QUALIFYING GRACE," was that he "MIGHT," have been able to cement the last bricks of unification and equality, that would bring America AS CLOSE to being a "PERFECT SOCIETY" as humanly possible, INSTEAD, HE has set RACE RELATIONS back at least to the 50's & 60's, or worse!
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