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I am also in my twenties (27 in August), married, and with a Baby! I have been deer hunting since I was 10 years old. Started out hunting in Alabama with dogs (killed my first deer with a single shot .410 at 11 years old!) then moved on to Georgia after I met my now husband! Now I will also add on South FL (I live in Miami so it's a lot closer!!). I will tell you this. I have NEVER come across another person who is willing to give you the amount of information that was mentioned above! Many FL hunters are douche bags and everything is a damn competition for them. I have read each word that was said and it is described perfectly! Deer hunting in FL will be a first for me this year but I have hunted hogs many times and let me tell you.. It's not easy! Especially in the swamp! Outfitters are pretty much a guaranteed harvest which I personally do not consider hunting. What the other user mentioned is basically FL Hunting 101 at it's best from an actual hunter. Some things I would like to add to your backpack list (up to you of course) is take 2-3 MRE's and definitely a Solar Charger for your phone/gps with an extra cable just in case!! You'd be surprised how much you may need it depending on your situation. Weather here as you know is crazy so anything can happen! I like to take paracord as well. Although where I hunt I know my way around, you never know if you need to stay overnight in the middle of the woods or if you get lost tracking a deer/hog. Trail markers are a must for tracking at night! They are a life saver! I buy the ones you can clip to a branch. On the way back I just un-clip it and put it in my pocket until I reach camp and organize my bag again. I also take 2 flashlights and keep one head light on for use on the stand and extra batteries. I too also take a handgun. Unfortunately all I have is a S&W M&P Shield 9mm.. I just take extra mags and ammo. It's better than nothing. Hunting in FL is a real challenge. If you can hunt in FL, you can hunt anywhere! Pack your backpack for survival is what I do. Like I said, you never know! I have an archery permit for Dinner Island this year and I am stoked!! If you have any questions about my things or how it looks where I hunt, Check out my youtube channel. I have 1 or 2 videos to give you a general idea. Search SouthernHuntress829 and i'm there! Good luck to you and be safe out there! Hunting is a great way to bring REAL organic food to the table for your family! Have fun!
** Forgot to add on!**
When it comes to hunting on the ground or on a stand, a climber is the way to go!! You can always change position if the sun is hitting directly or if you need to move to another spot and you can hunt higher! ALWAYS wear a harness and tie with a rope the foot platform to the chair platform in case if it slips off the tree you're not stuck up there. Give it a 2-3ft gap. I have a Summit SD Viper Crush Edition climber. It's like $250 but so comfortable and worth the money! Spend more now to spend less later!

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