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Wow, this guy just continues on and I really need to put him in his place. He was very rude from the start, having to drive 3000 miles by himself, for a DIY Antelope hunt when all his buddies bailed on him. I visited with him in camp prior to his hunt and he was very pissed about his buddies and had a chip on is shoulder from the start. I explained to him that with all the moisture that we had, the antelope just weren't in the alfalfa fields and that he needed to stay on the prairie if he wanted to be successful. He was given a complete orientation of the properties and was also given a couple of ground blinds to use if he wanted, which is something we don't normally do for the DIY hunts. Not only did he stiff the outfitter for the rest of the hunt price, but he also stole one of the ground blinds that I was generous enough to let him use. He insisted on only sitting in the blinds for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours before last light. I let him know that that is not the way to hunt these animals, totally different that the whitetail deer he was used to hunting. Anyone that has ever hunted antelope in a blind at waterholes knows that it could be an all day sit, hell possibly two or three before that buck you want comes to the water source. Again, he didn't want to listen and said he knows how to hunt and will do it his way. Very rude individual and one that we would never want in camp with a group, he would be called the camp downer. So, mister, please pay what you owe for the rest of the hunt and for the ground blind that you stole. We should call the fricken police on your ass, you theif!!!! You are obviously a big liar and wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit you in the butt. So stop with all this crap, or we will have to take this to the next level. You wanna play, I can play!!!
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