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guns are just like any other possession you have, if you DON"T SPELL out in some legal form in writing and you die, it will become a guessing game and maybe more often a FIGHTING battle of who gets what
from my experience nothing brings out the claws in family members more than a death and an estate with what THEY think are valuable items, be it in money value or sentimental value
I have seen so many familys torn up when someone p[asses and they fight /steal rob, sue for items that deceased person had, and its destroyed many a family along the way

so, yes if you want to be in charge of where your things go, you HAVE to have a legal document stating where your wishes are to go, be it a will, or like document
and EVEN then, there are some family members that will still fight it and try and contest a will
when ever possible, if you KNOW your time in near I strongly suggest you GIVE "X" items away to those you want to have them in advance of your passing, so that they GET THEM, and at times this is a double win, as many times you get to actually see "X" person's enjoy the things you give them and not just HOPE they do when you pass!

and a side note, anyone that has MANY firearms, IMO should look into actual firearms insurance, most would be very surprised to find out there home owners does NOT cover very much in the way of firearms , having had a gun shop for yrs, and hearing SO many folks that found out the hard way there guns were not fully covered or only a small portion of what they had, after a break in or fire or like disaster, when for a little more $$ they could have had actual gun insurance and been made whole again, rather than taking a beating on losses.

I also highly recommend owners keep a log book of there guns, serial numbers, basic info and value/worth, (good for when you pass and some creepy guy try's to scam your family out of them dirt cheap cause they don't know guns value's as you did(
adding a simple picture of said firearm and add on's too helps a ton in insurance claims too!

and last, just cause a family member isn't into guns or hunting, doesn';t mean they might not want a treasured item that belonged to YOU, for that sentimental reasons, more than cause they plan to use it!
and also, there are many good places one can leave guns to if they do not have family that hunts or shoots
like the NRA< and other like deals, or local gun clubs, that mentor kids into the sport, seeing that your guns end up in a hunters hands and maybe see continued use while your gone
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