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This is a great question, one that I've though about a lot. Dying without dealing with the valuable or beloved things we've accumulated can cause lots of work, things given away or sold for little, and family fueds. You're a wise young man to be considering this at your state of life.

As you approach your later years, perhaps think about getting rid of a lot of the toys you've accumulated and no longer need. For example, I already gave my valuable watch to my son. My wife is doing the same with her jewelry for our daughter. Why wait until we're gone to see them wearing and enjoying it.

I'm also starting to weed out many of my toys. Tools, hunting and fishing gear, an extensive r/c airplane collection, and my motorcycle, will go when my ability to use them diminishes. Most given to family and friends, the rest sold or donated.

I've helped many heartbroken and confused widows who had no idea how to dispose of this stuff. They knew how much these things meant to their husbands and were so afraid of doing the wrong thing or simply had no idea how to proceed.

I'm determined not to leave my family with this partiular problem.
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