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If you want to dump a mess on your kids (or whoever else handles your stuff), go for it.

I want to have everything in line as much as possible and keep things as simple as I can for them. One of the things that have frustrated about me growing up around Christians my entire life is the idea that "it doesn't matter once I'm gone."

Yes, it does. Part of being a Christian (and a good person in general) is taking care of our possessions and the earth around us. We aren't called to be slobs, but to be good stewards of what we've been blessed with.

But that's getting way off topic.

You don't care about what happens to any earthly possessions and will let whoever comes after you worry about them. Got it. That's definitely an option.

Partially due to the inherent risks of my job, I have what I consider to be a better plan in place. And I have things in order allot more than most others my age I believe, at least as far as insurance, college funds, etc.... But I haven't really included the firearms in that plan as of yet. And since they add up to a decent amount of money, they should be in the plan somehow.

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