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Hey, thanks for all the info!

So say that I find a few good places on google earth or a topo map and I go out to look at them. What should I be looking for? What kind of food sources should I be keeping my eyes open for? I've heard that a deer trail is supposed to be about 4' tall and 1' wide, should I be looking for trails that resemble that? Should I be looking for rubs or scrapes or something?

General gun season starts in November in Osceola, when should I start my scouting? I've heard some people say that you should start scouting as soon as the season ends which wouldn't be until January, and others say that you should start about a month before the season starts, which would mean I would be scouting right in the middle of archery season.

Also, besides looking for strips of land between two bodies of water or an opening between two heavily forested areas, are there any other things I should be keeping my eye open for on Google Earth or the maps?

Thanks Again!
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