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Yep. That's the theory at least. A lot of the time on overgrown public they'll hang in the tree till they see a hen. Have bumped them on the limb an hour after sunrise. It depends and I'm sure varies greatly. I used to make a point of hunting all corners of the state but largely stick to the same 4-6 WMAs nowadays so that's the foundation of my experience.

I'll say an Eastern in the Osceola hybrid zone (low country SC through bottomlands of Tx where it's flat, hot and brushy) is notoriously tougher than a new england or midwest turkey. One thing I love about the yankee turkeys is how big they are (easier to see), how much they'll gobble on the ground (if an Osceola is doing that get your gun up cause he's hot) and how happy they are to pop up in the open (usually I can't help myself and face a pasture or burn, only to hear brush moving and putts from behind me)
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