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The reason we tried to catch a bullet the first time is because we wanted to see what it looked like. That was our objective. Today is years later, and we have caught many bullets. After catching more than one bullet, it is natural to compare them. Comparing captured bullets is now our objective.

What i do is catch, photograph, and compare bullets. My objective is to first catch a bullet, then photograph it, then compare it to other bullets caught using the same exact method.

Predicting how a bullet will perform at different ranges, and speeds is not an objective of mine.

However, this is an open forum, and members are welcome to write about things they would like to discuss. This is how the discussion of range, and speed get interjected into threads like this one. Most questions are asked in good faith. Me i try as hard as i can to help questioners understand, no matter if the questions aren't about the objective.

Me, i have no control over questions about down range performance. If these questions lead to confusion, there is little i can do about it. Please notice there is typically no discussion of long range bullet performance in the OP. These type discussions develop later in the thread from questions posters ask. I am more than happy to answer any questions i can about the bullet, including long range performance. I am unable to answer questions from visitors, because they cannot ask questions, unless they join the forum.

Catching bullets is not a job for me. Catching bullets is play; is something i would have had great fun with, when i was a child.

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