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Originally Posted by 52bore View Post
It's not others as you describe in other post - it seems you don't understand.
Distance would be dependent on the shooters powder charge to give him an initial MV. Higher charge of powder, farther the distance.
Rick, I'll be quite frank. First, believe me, I understand what Ron's testing is and why. I also thoroughly understand ballistic charts and programs.
So therefore you have no clue what you're talking about. Maybe you should just stick to continuous changing of the rules for inlines at Friendship, maybe for the seven (7) inline shooters at the next Nationals.

You need to realize that there ARE "others" out there that are reading these posts, many as guests, who DO NOT understand and are not as smart about inline rifles, BC's and velocity as you.

How would any guest understand that a bullet is being shot at 25yds with a 80grs volume and an estimated velocity, that test is supposed to equal a greater charge and velocity at a completely different distance? Without an explanation within the post and test, including a chart, those guest shooters would never know or understand. So it appears you don't understand at all what I'm trying to convey.
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