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Originally Posted by ronlaughlin View Post
The shooting this morning was at 4900'. It was about 30. Humidity was about 78%. Pressure was about 29.53. Range was 25 yard. Velocity at the front of the jugs was about 1543 fps per information provided by Western Powders.

One sees on the calculated chart, if the mv is 1900 fps, and all conditions are the same, the bullet will be about the speed of 1543 fps at 150 yard.

Now, my question is, why in the world does the old guy have to do all the work here?

It appears you're doing about 98%, just asking for the other 2%.

Many might not realize if they just wondered on to the site, that you were shooting 80grs by weight, as quite a few only use volume.

IMO, for what that's worth, the chart should always accompany the test.

Thanks for the testing.
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