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Originally Posted by Central PA Sportsman View Post
Congrats on all your deer (I assume the 4 pt was 3 on one side, I do believe GS like PA has antler restrictions?). Anyway, Congrat's!
Was so looking forward to hunting GS during the rut. Was on my way south last week. After a few days in VA then TN I started coughing and ended up returning to PA with both types A and B flu. Feeling much better now but won't be able to get south again till late Feb.
On a side note, we got about 6" of snow yesterday and I just got done shoveling and plowing; a doe and 2 yearlings walking behind the house looking for easy meal, I guess it's time to feed.
yup, 1 antler has to have 3 points measuring 1 the other antler had 2 but 1 was busted off so at some point it was a 5 point.
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