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Originally Posted by Hatfield Hunter View Post
do ya think a guy really need 7 or even ten lines on their xbow scope to shoot deer out to 35 yards ?????? Really ?
I will shoot a deer at 50 no problem from a rest and I'll will use 4 pins to get out to 50. The Nikon crossbow scope has 5.

On targets I'll extend my range to the max. Practicing at 100 makes shooting 40 easy.

At 368 fps that arrow will go 50 yards in a hurry. However even if I didn't feel comfortable at that range on live animals I'd want to shoot targets at longer ranges. I just don't see any reason not to use a crossbow specific scope.

35 yards is very conservative for a 368fps crossbow IMO.

I would suggest a 40 yard limit to start and adjust accordingly as you practice at 50 and 60. My further than 50 I'd be afraid the deer might move before the arrow got there.

Oldtimr do you have a range finder?
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