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Default the thing about green swamp is...

Originally Posted by Jay_Hunter View Post
Hi everyone, new to the forum here. This thread has a wealth of knowledge and I've enjoyed reading all the posts. I have never hunted GS but plan on making a trip there this weekend. Do you guys recommend the Rock Ridge entrance or the 471 entrance? I've hunted turkey down in the Everglades but I have never been to GS. Any other tips you think would be beneficial are appreciated. Thanks
as the title says, the thing about green swamp in my opinion is it takes a little time to learn, you can do what many do and just head over to the river but you will find that it gets quite crowded on that side of the swamp, Personally i always hunt 471 but I'm sure rock ridge isn't all that different, what many will tell you is scout, scout, scout, sit sit sit. there is lots and lots of deer, but they are swamp rats, its rare you will catch them in an open field.
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