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Default they are moving now

last month was a stinker, saw 1 buck on the river side and that was it, last two weekends shot 3. seems like January has been a good month for most. one of my spots is only a couple hundred yards off a road, seen deer every time i sat at that stand. for you new guys to green swamp i don't think anyone will give up their spots but ill tell you this you will do just fine if you can find a good pine patch surrounded by some cypress swamps. area with large palms are good to, i was walking a trail yesterday that was made of large palms and cypress , a monster doe was running towards me, it was finally came to a stop about 20 feet from me then just stood there for a good 30 seconds ... o boy had that been bow season. gist of the story is the deer are moving keep at it and look for those signs. fresh trails, fresh tracks, scraps and the best one of all, deer!
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