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So much for global warming..........

No doubt its been an unusually cold start to winter for much of the country. The minus 18 stuff we've been getting is to darn cold for anything, but there are places colder yet.
I didn't need to hunt the late season, but this cold has caused the deer to yard up in areas where they haven't yarded up in years. I heard the same from a friend who did hunt the last days... no tracks.

The DNR is having a couple additional hunts for the area, actually 2 - 4 day hunts for any deer, any firearm, including archery. They want to take an additional 1,300 deer from part of the county. Sadly we're in an area with a specific strain of bTB and with the rate increased from a botched trial, now they have to thin the herd to attempt to fix their botched failure. The farm country will be hunted hard.
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