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Originally Posted by zmason1002
I gutted it but was in a hurry I had an hour to get her and get her hung and didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it. I honestly think I left the heart and lungs in. I wasn't sure how that bullet was supposed to perform. She went 20 yards and dropped dead and blew a lot of blood out of her mouth.

I'll use these bullets up and then switch. Which bullets should I go with??
You might try the new Lehigh solid copper bullets. He currently has three on the web site. A .452x265CF-HP, .452x240CF-HP, and a .451x230CF-HP.

The new 451-230 is an awesome deer bullet - performs just like a Bloodline, but you have many different sabot options to make them work in your bore.

The 265 is strong enough to use for elk - probably and overkill for deer.

This is the 230... they are really accurate

This is the 265

Here is a link - but you can actually buy them cheaper at MidwayUSA
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