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Originally Posted by zmason1002 View Post
I'm trying the bloodline bullets this year with supplied sabots. After a fouled barrel they are hard to load. what sabot would be better suited for this bullet. also the doe I shot at 100 yards it didn't look like the bullet expanded but the doe only ran 20 yards, and no blood until she fell and spit it out.

I'm using 90 grains of bh209. I didn't skin the deer or butcher it so I'm not sure what the exit looked like underneath but the hid didn't have a big hole in it. looked like the same size as the entrance.
The problem you have is the 275 is a .458 bullet and there is only one 458 sabot made. The one you were using is a MMP.

The way the bloodline works - is very devastating to the organs in the chest cavity and even the spinal cord. Had you opened your harvest you would have seen the damage.

The bullet is ,458 going in and .458 going out. But if you could see the core of the bullet after the petals separated the leading edge would have been very sharp and the concave cup at the bottom of the petals creates a heck of a lot of hydrostatic shock as the core of the bullet passes through.

Really should have had a heck of a blood trail ifn the animal was able to move away. Probably had a pretty decent blood pool at the harvest site.
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