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Originally Posted by Danny77 View Post
Hi I am 15 years old and I just bought a BB gun (Smith and Wesson M&P40 0.177 Calibre air pistol) and I have always wanted to try frog legs so I will soon go out on a hunt near a river to find some frogs to shoot and was wondering if my gun would be capable of killing a frog first shot without tormenting the animal it is a 480 fps 0.177 Calibre air pistol
Sure, if you hold the gun to the frog's head...
I'm serious. From a range of 1-2 yards with a headshot (which is extremely unlikely to happen unless you use a dot sight/scope, but if you miss you'll probably clean-miss) you will kill the frog. However, from any longer range than that, THIS IS NOT EFFECTIVE!!!!!!! This is a plinking airgun.
However: this would be very well suited as a quick euthanasia method for frogs and maybe fish. If you catch a frog by gigging, netting, or simply grabbing it, hold it firmly, hold the end of the barrel to its head (you may want to leave a few millimeters of space between the end and the frog's head) and shoot. At that distance, yes, the pellet will puncture the frog's skull and that will be one dead frog. With fish, you can hold the fish tightly and do this to it. If the fish is large, shoot it in the eye to be safe, as it may have a thick skull that the pellet cannot completely penetrate.
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