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Default Whitetail Hunting in NC

So, I've moved to North Carolina from where I was before. I used to hunt in a ground blind over a feed plot in an open field; now I've got 2 acres of moderately forested, very steep land with a lot of rocky crags bordering a smallish river.
I've seen two 6-pt bucks and one that looks to me to be a 20 or so (!!)...
I've been planning to set a corn pile up and hunt from a tree near it.
So, treat me like a deer hunting newbie, tell me how shot placement differs with a treestand, tell me how my 70-yard-zeroed .243 rifle is going to drop if I aim at a deer's vitals from a treestand, whether I should adjust shot placement, go for head or vitals shots, and generally how to hunt from a treestand over a bait pile.
Also, should I choose a small area of flatter land for my pile or some of the steep cliffy areas? And, how does one hang a treestand and how much does one cost?

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