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Here's my 2 cents...I've had them work and friends have as well. I killed a beautiful 9 years ago that came in dead down wind sniffing the scent, right up to where it ended, and his day did too. I've also seen scents scare the crap out of deer, especially does, which is terrible in the rut when real does are live bait for bucks. they work? Sometimes. Should they be the key to your strategy? No. Also, they have tested these scent elimination sprays using trained dogs, who have scent receptors similar to deer and they do not work. You are not invisible using any of the sprays out there if a deer is downwind. My view is this, keep yourself and your clothes clean. I try to smell like nothing...or as much of nothing as a person can smell like and I watch the wind carefully. If it's a bad wind for stand, I do not hunt it, period. Every once in a while you might get away with it, but for every time you don't I think you educate deer and telemetry studies clearly show deer avoiding stands by greater distances as the season goes on. Draw your own conclusions.
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