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Originally Posted by coloradooutdoors1 View Post
This is the biggest crock I have ever heard. This guy didn't know the first thing about hunting antelope with archery gear and wouldn't listen to a word we said about what he should do with the limited time he had to hunt (3 days). He is so full of bull and a thief to boot. He left without paying for the rest of his hunt and stole a ground blind before he left in the middle of the night. He was pissed from the get go because his buddies dumped him and he had to make the 30 mile drive all by himself. Beware of this person outfitters out there, he will take you for a ride and maybe even take some of your gear before he leaves.

Dennis Hurrell
Colorado Outdoor Adventures
[email protected]
First of all, there was nobody there to talk to or pay. I had seen Dennis for literally five minutes and he was in a big hurry to go home. Within five minutes, I could not believe all the lies that I had heard. Next morning when Mark showed up for about another five minutes with more lies. Scott, the one that rushed me to the ranch to start the generator and came back. I had seen him for about half hour and it was OK, at least, he did not tell me any lies. He was honest and told me that there weren't too many animals. And also, he told me that Dennis always lies. None of the three ever called me and told me how to hunt Or how did the hunt go I had been trying to call them and they never answered the phone. I only got a hold of Scott one day and he was directing me over the phone. They never bothered coming and showing me where the boundaries were. These people don't have any Trail camera s or pictures of what they have on their ranch. Just to clear things up (don't listen to this guy's lies)I do not own an outfitter business, I have been guiding for an outfitter for the last 25 years and I can tell you that after someone drives 30 hours to hunt with me I will be waiting to greet them with a glass of wine. I never had anyone waiting for me and In this case, no one was there for me.
I do all my hunts by myself. This is not the first time I drive alone for 30 hours. I did it many other times. I can give you guys references of the people I hunted with and also of the ones i went alone.No one was supposed come with me and if I was afraid to do that drive by myself I would have never went, that's just common sense!
Why can't you just tell the truth, you guys don't have any pronghorns on your property?
Why do you guys let people waste time and money ?
Why was there no one there to show me the property ?
Why did you and Mark never answered my phone calls, prior to the hunt and during the hunt?
What happened to the animals you and Mark claimed that there were hundreds of them?
Why was there no stove and microwave at the camp ?
Why lie to my face and tell me that there are two guys waiting for me to take me out?
Mark claims there are 3 different properties, why was I never even shown one of them?
I already contacted division of outfitter registration
This guys are not member of Colorado outfitter association

Oh yeah about how I don't know how to hunt antelope, is this big enough for you...
Look what I just found in my email archive, Look at the date I sent this email to Mark.
Who's lying now? About the drive
I can teach you how to hunt
Wasted 7 days and $3000.00. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the same thing. Stay away from these people. The best that i could do was to get my down payment back.

Thank You

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