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OK I live in PA,. and have hunted out west many many times
like all things there are pro's and con's
a light rifle can be carried easier, and many can be very accurate for first shot, even a few after, but heat up faster and well??

the REASON why many folks like a longer heavy barrel out west is, due to the wide open spaces, where shots can be as far as your willing to take them(and I hope practice at)
the heavy barrel helps stead the gun for longer shots
and NO you do NOT need to be up high in elevation or climbing Mt's when your hunting out west, tons is done on wide open prairie's and out skits of badland like terrain !
where much of all cover and things goes DOWN hill into ravines and such,and not up!
where you can see literally for miles and miles in many directions
so when in these places, a long range rifle can be a BIG plus
I have killed deer out west from ranges of under a 100 yards to past 550
and if wanted could have shot at deer at ranges as far a caliber I had could reach(and I have been a 1,000 yard shooter since the 80's, so I have skills to make long shots if I wish)
but I personally prefer to limit things to 500 yards or less, I personally feel like many do, its NOT hunting at some point, and its just shooting!
for me 500 yards IF all thing are right, is my MAX, and I will do all I can to get closer, but again, some times all wide open spaces out there, its just not possible
drive 2,000+ miles to get there,and KNOW you can make shots, its hard to NOT take them!

can a basic deer rifle, in 300 win mag make long range shots
SURE they can
but I will bet MOST folks that hunt , over the yrs they BUY better rifles, more so because they CAN than they need to
I have many factory rifles that are sub 1/2 MOA, and I have many custom rifles that also are
but I will admit I do find myself using my custom rifles more
they fit ME better, I shoot them very well, and heck I paid a lot of money for them, so I better Use them LOL

the difference in weight of a heavy barrel(26 inch) over a standard barrel , isn;t that much to be honest
good trigger, good scope, and KNOW how to shoot it, and KNOW your distances, a GOOD range finder is a tool you need out west!, and KNOW your limits, don't just go fling lead at critters cause you can!
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