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Yeah any of the current crop of modern bows will kill a deer if you do your part. About 60% of exact brand/model of bow selection is splitting hairs, assuming they're specced out to fit the buyer. It's kind of like choosing color/brand/make/model/options on a new truck, with most being subjective personal opinions/preferences. But as you said, the single most important issue is to make SURE it fits YOU. Just like the single most important aspect of being competent with a bow is FORM.You HAVE to have good, consistent form in order to be able to shoot a bow best. That means doing it exactly the same way every time. Also when I shoot a bow, or am teaching/coaching a new bow shooter, is to unleash every arrow or shot, as if it's the ONLY shot you're going to take for the rest of your life. My final thought is to only shoot a couple dozen shots at a time, but as often as possible. It's extremely tempting to keep shooting, especially when the bow fits, is tuned properly, and while you're shooting with superb accuracy, but if you keep shooting so long/as many shots that you start to have a hard drawing/shooting until getting shaky, you're doing more harm than good, promoting target panic (punching the release when the sight happens to wander in the vicinity of the center of the bull). It's MUCH more effective, and helps with muscle memory, to shoot at LEAST 2-3 times a week, but not over a couple dozen shots at a time. Your form starts to deteriorate rapidly when you start getting tired, and that's when the bad habits start.
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