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Pa doesn't really bring BIG bucks for lease's due to the state has the largest amount of public lands open to hunters and well, PA isn't a real trophy state(getting there but not like many others )

10-25 bucks an acre for GOOD land is about right?
would come down to what your land is, how many acres are actually huntable, any food plots or like things to make it more desirable , any QDM been going on ?? and so on!

a suggestion to you, is MAKE sure they have insurance and not on you if anything happens
you can go to a web site called Base Camp Leasing
here is a link to them and some PA lease's they offer, to give you a feel maybe?
and there is also info about insurance for those that lease too, it just protects YOU the land owner and them the hunters, most folks that lease on a regular basis, and DON"T want to gamble, require it!, but also keep in mind, money can be tax able, pending how its done,?? Uncle Sam always wants his share, sadly! LOL
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