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I've been using Rage heads mostly for a few years now, and have had good results. I, too, was for years a fixed blade only kind of guy. Finally tried some rages, and was pleasantly surprised. I have also tried, and liked the Dead Ringer Trauma...a whole lot of blade, and I experienced good penetration on the two does that I killed with them. I plan to continue using Rages...they've penetrated plenty for me, produced really good blood trails, and have done nothing but impress.

I am by no means saying that I don't think fixed blades are good...they are really good heads, and they perform fantastically when tuned correctly. But, I have had no reason to go back after the experiences that I have had with the mechanical heads that I have used.

Also, after this eclipse coming through Tennessee today, I should have the odds in my favor with all of the blind deer that have been staring at the sun all afternoon...
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