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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
He was never afraid to try something new. He tested a lot of broadheads over the years. He even went through an expandable stage but that didn't last very long. One of his favorite sayings about a broadhead was, "pretty much any broadhead will kill a deer when it is placed perfectly through both lungs. Even a field tip will kill. The true test of a broadhead is when you make that not so perfect shot and clip the shoulder or back in the deer a little bit and still pass through and leave a good blood trail." The second part of that, most of those big expandable blade brodheads will do the job, the first part, not so much.
Yeah I hate expandables.

I like to assume I'm going to hit the animal in the vitals and lack of penetration is the only problem I'll have if I do that. If I'm hitting deer in the guts thats my problem not the broadhead.
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