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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
I've taken 12 whitetail and 6 elk with the G5 rockport. Never once failed to leave a good blood trail though I'll admit I've seen better on some of them and others it looked like a kill room. I don't know how many whitetail, elk, and moose the old man took with them. He started using them about a year before they were even available as a tester. Got me using them about a year later. Deb primarily uses Tricks. She's one of those archers that doesn't pick a kill zone, she picks a hair. And usually splits it. Dang girl is amazing with a bow.
I would say my one deer was dead/down before the cavity filled to the hole. Mine was also a factory edge which is probably not ideal for whitetail

Your dad definitely liked the montecs and slick tricks. I about had him sold on trying an offset head.
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