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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
Kellyquinn, my old Hoyt Raptor is by far not the fastest bow at only right around 290fps it's kinda slow compared to todays bows. But with both the Slick Trick Standard and the G5 Montech, I have yet to fail to pass through a whitetail or elk out to 40 yards. I even passed through one buck that was quartered away a little bit and I hit it at 32 yards a good bit forward almost centering the shoulder on impact. Blew through the shoulder and down through the sternum and buried about 6 inches into the dirt. That was with a Slick Trick Standard model. And I have absolutely no issues tuning either of them for out to 50 yards. They fly right dead on with my field tips. Because of the pretty steep angle of the trick blades, they punch a nice hole on both entry and exit too. The G5's also perform very well but I have always had to hone them a bit out of the box. They were sharp but not as sharp as they could be. A few licks on the extra fine hone stone and then a little leather stropping and they will shave a frogs butt.
The montecs are like that by design. The factory edge is steep and designed to be tough. Theoretically designed to be sharper after getting through the hide and bone and in to the goodies than they would be with a thin razor edge..I personally think they are a great broadhead but not one of the better whitetail options. A better choice for larger game IMO.

Ive shot one whitetail with a montec...zipped right through both lungs and kept right on going. Deer went 50 yards and piled up but no blood at all. Was a tough search through very thick cover with no blood. Obviously 1 deer is not a fair test but there was just no reason for me to give them a 2nd chance.
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