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I was looking at the thunderheads. Also been checking out the reviews on the Dirt nap but I am wanting to have blades that can be replaced instead of sharpening. Seems that if having to sharpen them a little weight would come off each time and make each arrow fly a bit different. I have never used them though so I can't vouch for that statement lol. I really liked the regular rages but I have yet to be able to reuse a head. The dang this is trashed after going thru a deer. The Xecutioners work great on turkeys but I haven't slung one through a deer yet and I really don't like the idea of the o-ring system. I've used the 3 blade muzzy before but the first shot I ever had at a deer was at 40 yrds and I hit the shoulder blade. The damn muzzy bounced right off and I haven't used them since. Sure it wasn't the best shot but I would have thought it should have gotten a little penetration. Ended up taking my first deer with a bow the next day with the mx3 muzzy at 20 yrds right behind the shoulder and still only got about 8" of arrow in him. Granted this was an old Reflex Highlander bow at 63 lbs.
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