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In reality, no one has even come close to answering the gentleman's question. What he is asking has absolutely nothing to do with ethics. He is asking from people with experience hunting in windy conditions at range. And nothing long range at that if he is considering 40-50 max yardage. He is asking for information on wind effects on various broadheads. To me, it would be unethical for him not to ask these questions. Now granted, his first post didn't specify his range limitations so Oldtimr was point on correct in his answer. But his answer didn't include anything helpful for the gentleman's question.

Now for nube, what blades are you currently using? I'm not a fan of any of the mechanical broadheads though some do work and work well, to me it is just something else to possibly fail which I try to eliminate all those possibilities that I can. Especially when going on a hunt that is as expensive as the one you are planning. We get some fairly stout winds around here at times and I have found that the Slick Trick broadheads seem to fly fine in them. Wind will affect anything you shoot. But they seem to fair the wind better than most other fixed blade broadheads out there. They penetrate exceptionally well and because of the angle of their blades they create a pretty devastating wound path. I've never had a non pass through with them and I don't shoot anything special Bow wise. Whatever you choose, and from your questions I am sure you will do this, make sure you practice with them and know your setup better than you know the back of your hand. Slick trick sells practice blades as do most of the reputable broadhead manufacturers. Good luck on your hunt. Hopefully this helps you.
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