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Well some of you are taking this as an ethics thing. I'm not asking what to use because I want to be flinging arrows at impossible distances all day long. I know what the limits are. You could say the same thing for guys shooting out of a treestand at 20 yards or shooting a 40lb bow or a million different scenorios...
I'm asking some of you with some experience on sheep hunting what has worked and most inportantly if you have had experience with wind and longer shots. Some suggestions to would be great to have less chance of any screw ups.

Would you ethics police prefere I don't do any homework on the subject and possibly go make a bad shot because of equipment choices?

So no I don't find it an ethics question at all. I know my limits and what I consider a long shot at 40-50 yards others may not think so.
It's a question about wind and what to put on the end of an arrow. The rest of the story is up to me in whether I pull the trigger or not on a specific shot....
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