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Originally Posted by hatchet jack View Post
The Republicans running the show now are a batch of Gutless CRUMBS. They got the Whole Hammer and won't use it!!!!!!!
Hatchet, do you notice what is missing in this entire discussion of Trumpcare? Lower premiums. The entire argument for getting this bill passed and passed right away before the masses find out it's Obamacare renamed Trumpcare is so Trump gets a win. Not the American people but Trump. WTF?

Democrats left out and Republicans took this to court, backdoor bailouts to the insurance companies. Why are backdoor payments even necessary? Because under Obamacare the massive regulations handed down from the federal government on how the doctor operates and what the insurance companies must cover is more than the majority of Americans can afford. So they hide that by paying part of the premiums up front and then what can't be covered there, they are now making backdoor payouts legal. Gee, this kind of shenanigans has made college real affordable.

Why can't the American people feely buy a product the insurance companies want to sell and that THEY can afford? Under Trumpcare if the same money is applied to say a house, a family of 4 would be able to purchase a half million dollar home in a nice American suburb.
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