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Originally Posted by Muley Hunter View Post
It's hard to say what would happen. Since it's so new to us. I know the sprue doesn't seem to affect flight of the ball. I guess the old lead ball is just going to fly straight no matter what we do with it.

Some guys pound the crap out of them when loading and still shoot a good target. Others are real delicate loading and can't shoot for beans.

Bottom line........learn to shoot and don't worry about the ball.
So true. I think some people try to substitute technology for woodsmanship and skill. Like one of my buddies next door. First morning of deer season he wait to get to his stand and in the dark he loaded it and exactly one hour later he was at my stand because he didn't put no powder in it cause he dumped it on the ground. I finally got the breech plug out and he had disformed the bullet so bad it was just a chunk of lead bore diameter. It shoots purdy good after he gets the rust blowed out. He runs around in the woods playing with all kind of gadgets. He scored 0 deer and 0 elk. I took 4 bucks and didn't elk hunt.
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