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Default Golf Ball dents on round balls

Just amazes me what you hear at rendezvous. All the old timers still living by made up myths of denting your round balls like a golf ball so they fly straighter and longer I didnt say anything but, it just amazes me how these guys still believe in stupid stuff like that.

I got some hell for my 1:48 twist but then when I bring up, the original hawken rifles had a 1:48 but, just with deeper rifling, you see a lot of open mouths and toes digging into the dirt.

Then the lubes... 'Ah Use spit!

Yeah? Hows that work for a hunting lube after a week being loaded in the barrel?

Now naturally some of the hard cases were probably older than pete and twice as hard headed lol, and no longer hunting, so I understand their part for using spit on the firing range. I am not a fan of using spit, especially when its 98* and no wind blowing, So I use my own packaged lube.

Then you get help because you are holding the rifle wrong... Ok, I am always looking for tips on that, but when you show me how to hold it and its uncomfortable and the barrel bobs up and down or feels loose in your shoulder, thats not going to make for a consistent hold or shot placement.

Ahhh anyway, just had to vent a little.
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