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Originally Posted by WV Hunter View Post
Same pattern here in VA. I tried to shoot last weekend... ended up only getting 8 shots in. Only one time was there enough break in the weather to give it a shot. Soon the rains will be gone.
I finally got out last friday an shot two Whites in .451 to be sure for this fall. The Super 91 was spot on even with the scope taken off an wrapped with tape. The M97 was a new one to me an took about 12 shots to get where I wanted it. The rifle range was in good shape, but the pistol range was standing water and I shot two 9mm pistols anyway.
Went home cleaned the muzzleloaders and mowed the yard till dark and then it rained saturday. This May has been the 5th wettest on record ever...

We will be dry again this fall I'm afraid if the pattern holds like other years.
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