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Unless I missed something, SwampSlayer never posted pics of an actual bird, and a pic of the bird is required. We don't need to post pics of the measurements (that's on the honor system), but a pic of the bird is needed.

No pic = no score, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember ( which makes me feel old, cause it's 15+ years).

I know when the contest first started (before I even joined HN) there were stories about questionable scores posted without pics of the actual bird harvested. If I recall correctly, somebody joked for weeks about scoring an 80 point bird and actually killed a jake...which started the pic rule. I believe that was also about the time when the contest committee started just give x amount of points for bearded hens or jakes, cause guys would post a pic but not take measurements. I'm sure JW or Arrow remember better than I, but I don't think SS birds will count without a pic...

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