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Cayugad.........All the info to shoot BH 209 was available to you before you bought the gun. Had you set it up for BH 209 to begin with you wouldn't have had any problems. If you would have bought the Western BH 209 breech plug it comes with the proper drill in a drill holder and the o-rings. Then just use the Federal 209 primers and you would have been all set.

T7 powder is ok, but can't compete with BH 209. It gives you crud rings, freezes up breech plugs, needs to be swabbed between shots, and isn't as accurate. It also doesn't get the same fps when heavier conicals are used.

With that said I like real black better than any other powder. Swiss especially. However, I like the old stuff in all that I do. Even fly fishing, but for a modern muzzleloader hunter, BH 209 is hard to beat.
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