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Get a powder measure. Measure out the desired amount. In my CVA Optima it likes 90 grains of BlackHorn 209. Dump that down the barrel. Then put your sabot/bullet combination into the muzzle. With a short starter seat it in the barrel. Then with the ramrod slide that sabot down onto the powder charge FIRMLY. That will take care of the powder.

Now I am going to get some people upset. I have been shooting Black Horn 209 for years now in my Optima and Remington Genesis. When I run out of that powder, its so long for ever. I know people like Black Horn. You don't have to swab. It has great power. But I never had a powder give me so many headaches in my Optima. And of course the Black Horn lovers had immediate fixes. Your primer was not strong enough. Or you need O rings to stop that back blow. I just jumped through too many hoops to shoot that powder. And discovered, its no better then loose triple Seven 2f. Other then with Triple Seven I have to swab the bore between shots. To that I say big deal, I can swab a bore. But to those that love and shoot Black Horn 209 the best of luck with you and your powder. But like I said, when I run out of this last pound, its "vaya con dios Black Horn 209"
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