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I know only a little about CVA rifles. The old man always told me if he found out I bought a CVA product from those thieving SOB's then he would disown me. I do know the power belt problem you are having and know many people that have had the exact same experience. While they are probably one of the most accurate muzzleloading bullets on the market, their performance on animals lacks much to be desired in both mine and many others experience. The 250 XTP is about the only saboted bullet that one of my sidelocks will accurately shoot. And it does a very thorough job on deer. Never had one go more than 50 yards and the one that did make it 50 yards was more my fault than the bullet performance. It was heavily quartered away when I took the shot and I only got one lung and some arterial damage. Out of the 15 or so deer I have taken with the 250 grain XTP I have only recovered one bullet. The rest were clean pass through doing a very nice job on the way through. The one I did recover I found just under the hide of the off side shoulder. Shoulder to shoulder at right around 100 yards. Bullet was completely intact and mushroomed perfectly. I push that bullet with 105 grains of Swiss FFG from a Thompson Center .50 caliber Renegade 1:48 twist.
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