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A 50cal 245gr bullet is going to have a horrible sectional density no matter what you try. Why people even try to use a 50cal lead bullet that light is beyond me.

There is a reason you dont see lead bullets that light loaded in 50A&E or 500S&W and you found out first hand why. No matter what you try you will end up with a pancake and/or just fragments after impact.

If you just cant resist the overwhelming urge to use a PowerBelt, move upto a 300gr or heavier and don't push them too fast.

Going to a XTP MAG might put you on the other end of a 2 pellet load. Not enough fps for reliable expansion. The 240gr XTP MAG is far tougher than the regular 250gr XTP. There is a huge difference in jacket thickness.

If you cant resist the overwhelming urge to use 2 pellets then get some regular 250gr XTPs and the Harvester Smooth Black Sabots for upto 300gr bullets.

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