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Default Need advice from yall

I own a cva optima (2 yrs old) with a 3x9 leupold, last year i was shootin it with winchester 209 primers, 2 triple seven pellets, and the 245 grain powerbelts green tip. I shot a few deer with this set up and have never gotten a good blood trail, even with double lung shots. I even lost a few deer due to no blood. I have lost all confidence in this gun and ammo. After sum research alot of others have had similar complaints about PB. I recently bought sum hornady xtp mags. Any experience with the xtp mags? I hear alot of yall talk about blackhorn. Should i switch to BH? Also does anyone own a Thompson Center and have any suggestions, i want to get rid of my optima b/c of lack of confidence in it. Sorry for the long post guys
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