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Default Hog With Patched Round Ball

Today i cleaned up the bore of my badly leaded muzzleloader, loaded same went hog hunting.

Gun: .50 New Englander
Bullet: Patched round ball
Powder: 70 grains of Black MZ
Cap: CCI magnum #11
Lube: Frontiers' liquid lube

The place was flooded really bad. Ducks were swimming under the feeder and eating corn.

Two young buck deer passed within 20 yards of my blind. One was a yearling, the other a two year old. i know the yearling. Eating corn surely has worked for him. His young antlers are much larger than those of the two year old.

Just before sunset a hog passed about 30 yards in front of my blind. Thought it was a boar. Shot hog with my .50 caliber muzzleloader using a patched round ball. The hog squealed, flopped around in the water for about 45 seconds and lay still. Dragged the fat sow about 50 yards to dry ground and brought the truck around. Hog weighed 160-175 pounds. That's the exit hole.

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