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Default Wood ticks!!

Wood ticks seem to be attracted to me more than other people that i stroll threw the woods & meadow with. Anyway I've been pulling wood ticks off me since i was a kid, but they were the dog tick or lone star type. Many years back we got the deer tick here, the small orange one thats infamous for carrying Lymes disease. This year i have pulled out 5 or 6 imbedded deer ticks so far, and they burrow in unlike the dog tick! Due to my job and the area we live in I have many ticks on me every day. Anyway I've noticed that about 40% of the ticks on me have been deer ticks this year, they are multiplying! Our family has contracted Lymes twice, there's other bad tick borne diseases out there too. I wish the Guinea fowl i purchased, would've worked out in my yard as they eat a lot of ticks, but the owls & predators ate them. They seem to be the worst in the spring, early summer around here. How bad are the ticks by you? Have you contracted Lymes, Rocky Mnt fever, ehrlichiosis or any tick borne disease?
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