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Originally Posted by d80hunter View Post
True. My .450 Bushmaster will put a 250 grain bullet at 2250 FPS and is a deer hammer. On the other hand I can shoot a similar 250 grain bullet from a muzzleloader with 100 grains of powder at 1650 FPS.
A 2 pellet load is a dog. 100gr by volume of BH209 would be a fair amount faster. Even 100gr of loose Triple7 would be noticeably faster than 2 pellets.

People seeking velocity should avoid pellets altogether. Unless you have one of the "Ultimates" from Remington or UF.

Blackhorn209 is quite capable of reaching around 2100fps with a 250gr bullet in many production muzzleloaders.

It appears the OP is talking about the Hornady 45 240gr bullet sold by T/C. That bullet is likely a XTP MAG and has a super thick jacket. Even thicker than many 45/70 bullet jackets. The 45cal MAGS are intended for 454 Casull or even faster rounds.

Simply changing to the 250gr XTP will solve lack of expansion or better yet use the Barnes 225-250gr XPB or 250gr Expander MZ. I shoot the 225gr XPB at over 2200fps in my custom build. Expansion is violent to say the least.

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