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Originally Posted by younggun308 View Post
....... Hydrostatic shock doesn't enter the picture even for many standard rifle rounds; the deer practically needs to be hit with a projectile going at least 2,400fps, something a muzzleloader even with 3 pellets of pyrodex cannot do at the muzzle.

I get 2,300fps from a BP Xpress using a 300gr bullet. However I'm also shoot a charge that mass produced rifle are not capable of.

Originally Posted by bearbow49 View Post
I have t c black diamond extended range 50 cal I shoot 100 gr or 2 pellets a 240 gram t c magnum sabot my prob is I shoot deer they run for ever or go down and take forever to expire and takes extra shot I get good hits but lacking stopping power thinking about going to 150 gr and maybe try hornady bullits like to get some input thanks
Watch the video link posted above...

I'd increase the weight of the bullet to a 290gr or 300gr bullet. I'd also switch to T7 pellets, where you could try 2-T7M pellets for 120grs (Red box). DO NOT SHOOT 3 T7M (magnum RED BOX) PELLETS.
If you want to use 150grs, shoot the black box 50/50 pellets.
Barnes Expanders or Barnes T-EZ bullets work extremely well.

Shot placement is everything. My own preference is a top of the heart shot. If its high it will go through the lungs. Low and it takes out the heart. I've shot an awful lot of whitetail and even shot through the heart, can run. No two will react the same it seems.
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