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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
mrbb I have to agree with you about hunting with my dog. Every hunter deserves one good hunting dog in his life. I was fortunate enough to have a couple including one exceptional one - all labs.
As for a human hunting companion, many years ago I met this man in the local coffee shop. We started talking about hunting and we agreed we should go out together one time. Well that one time turned into a lifelong hunting companionship. We've been all over the country and now are not only hunting companions but good friends and next door neighbors. My son never took to hunting but my grandson appears to like it. He just doesn't seem to comprehend the fact that there is a lot of patience required. He thinks he can get out of the vehicle, and there are birds and deer behind every other tree!
I think this is due to all the technology of today and the fast pace.
I fully agree, its almost magical watching a good bird dog in action, even if your NOT a bird hunter, just seeing a animal do what nature instilled them to do is very cool if you ask me

as for your grandson, and the view he has, I think a LOT of TV shows are also the cause of views like that, or so is the easy of killing things , or the MUST have items to hunt with, which most are not needed at all

modern hunting sure isn;'t what it used to mean , if you ask me

traditions, have gave way to FAME, wanting to be a TV star or famous, or huge desire to just show the world (LOOK WHAT I DID)

I never cared about showing off any kills to anyone, to be honest, most I never even took a picture of period, they were to me MY memories and wanted to keep them that way.
sure didn;t mind talking hunting with folks, but it was never about needing other to know what I got or, heck even cared if anyone ever knew!

I have a bunch of mounted animals, but again, they were for ME< not others?

times have changed
glad you found a great friend and hunting partner, not often you get both in one person!
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