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The very best of the "budget" class of rifles I've personally seen & shot, the most consistently accurate is the Ruger American model lines. The Mossberg quality/function was spotty to start with, and that made me shy away from them. The Savage Axis/Edge is accurate but the accuracy/quality is a bit spotty with them. The defunct Marlin X-7/XS-7/XL-7 were great shooting rifles but discontinued since the same holding company that owns Remington killed them off-a damn shame! Whatever you do-STAY AWAY from the POS Remington model 710, and it's slightly revamped version model 770! If you get a Ruger American in 7mm08 or 308, something like a Nikon Prostaff or better on it, mount it properly, feed it GOOD quality, consistent factory ammo, or better yet precision carefully handloaded ammo, there's no reason why it wouldn't shoot sub MOA. The best part is you won't have much over 500$ in it if that much!
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