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I pretty much donate to anybody running against McCain as he is an absolute RINO and sellout. I don't have any use for Graham either.

As for the topic at hand (wiretapping), this entire spectacle seems like Obama is scared to death that his shenanigans are going to come out and is trying like heck to destabilize and obstruct Trump as President.

Like many of us have said before, Obama makes Carter look good. Hillary is evil and drove a stake through the heart of the Dem party in this last election with her defrauding Bernie in the nomination process. Although I think Hillary and Bill are somewhat involved in all of this protest crap, it honestly has Obama's fingerprints all over it. What do you do when you're a community agitator and are no longer President? Why stir up crap and protests in some self imploding way to try to make yourself still relevant.
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